James Musgrave and Abi Mcloughlin from Pulp Rocket Theatre perform "Vincent's Brixton" at Hackford Road in July 2019 © Claire Zhao, Van Gogh House London, 2019.

Guided Tours

Our guided tours offer visitors an opportunity to learn about 87 Hackford Road’s most famous tenant as well as the architecture, history, and future of the house. The tour begins at 87 Hackford Road and includes a short walk followed by a tour of the house’s interior. These tours are offered at select intervals throughout the month and last roughly an hour and fifteen minutes.


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In Vincent’s Footsteps

Walking Tour

We are excited to partner with Footprints of London to bring you a walking tour that retraces Van Gogh’s walk from his office in Covent Garden to his lodgings at 87 Hackford Road. This extensive tour covers a 3½ mile journey (which Van Gogh alleges he did in 45 minutes!) exploring what London would have been like in the early 1870s followed by a tour of 87 Hackford Road. We are offering this tour once a month, and places can be booked below:


10 am October 26

10 am November 30

 10 am December 14

Curator Tours

Our private, curator tours are for groups of up to 8 individuals. We will work with you to find a time and date that suits your group and can assemble a tour that caters to your group’s interests. These bespoke tours are £150 + VAT per group of 8, and last approximately one hour and 15 minutes. To arrange a tour, please contact


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