Phil Bailey (left) and Conor Meehan (centre) of Triskele Conservation introduce Van Gogh historian and co-curator of the Tate Britain's "EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain" to the building works at 87 Hackford Road. © Claire Zhao, Van Gogh House London, 2019.

About the House

87 Hackford Road is a privately owned, Grade II listed building that was purchased by James Wang and Alice Childs at an auction in 2012. At the time of acquisition, the property had fallen into a state of disrepair bordering on dereliction, and an opportunity presented itself to bring this cultural landmark back to life.

The ambition to transform the Georgian terrace into a venue for artist residencies and exhibitions guided the design and conservation works that followed over the next 7 years. Understanding that 87 Hackford Road was first and foremost a dwelling – and not a museum – ensured that the house’s domestic legacy was maintained in tandem with the building’s historic fabric.

Today, the Wang family continue to drive the project forward, and the house curates a dynamic programme of events anchored in the artist’s practice and local heritage. Established as a site of creative production, 87 Hackford Road remains dedicated to preserving Van Gogh’s remarkable career while supporting the next generation of artists, writers, and designers.


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